About this website
Máncora, 29 Nov 2008
This journal helps me by forcing me to organize my thoughts and goals.  I'm guessing that's one of the main reasons for keeping a journal.
It is a place to share my travel experiences and current events with family and friends.. as well as anybody else who might be interested in the same stuff.
I also hope it might help others in their travels and projects (I'll try to better document my trips and projects in the future). 
Finally, I'd like to use this website to play around with ways to present and index the content.  I guess a Blog with Categories and Tags and links into the content is one way.  An interactive map (like Google Earth, but embedded in the page and interacting with the text and a timeline, say) would be an interesting project.  A semantic map is another.  But, I'm not sure when I'll get to these.  I'm looking forward to the dinghy project when I get back to the boat.  We'll see..
Well, one more thing is the occasional report you see about staying mentally active helping to put off the onset of "cognitive decline".  E.g. here. Need to work on the other bits - balanced diet, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.