Abaco Heritage Trust
A proposed collaboration for the virtual (web-based)
sharing and interweaving of heritage documents
- Document and share the "heritage web" between photos and documents stemming from the Abaco area.
- Note, the proposed Abaco Heritage Trust ("AHT") doesn't own anything.  Ownership remains with the donars.  AHT role is as a facilitator.  Web presence (web server, database, content and
tool development) is donated.  A core goal is to enable annotation and curation by (registered) users via the web and tablet-based apps.
Use cases:
- Imagine someone who grew up in HT or MOW who has moved away, possibly in college, and wants to show their new friends where they come from.  They can come to the collaborating websites and show off their roots.  On Christmas break, the friends show their parents.  Etc.
- Person A from MOW has relatives on HT.  Help identify, document and portray that linkage.
- Conserve and restore the donated images.  And return high resolution versions to that donor as some appreciation for their contribution.
The Organization is a collaboration of:
- Wyannie Malone Historical Museum ("WMHM" hopetownmuseum.com)
Secretary: Deb "Dp" Patterson
- Man-O-War Heritage Trust ("MOWHT" svbreakaway.info/mowht/articles.html)
Trustees: Roland Albury, Jan Manni, Mailin Sands, Jeremy Sweeting
Members: All who have donated to the MOWHT: mowarchive.com/Credits_links.html
Secretary: Mike Niemi
Founder: Lance Lee
Editor: Arista Holden
Execution details:
- Documents will be publicly available (via website) at coarse-grained web-resolution.
- Originals, at full resolution (tiff scans, .psd restorations, etc), to be held by AHT.
- Access to originals (location, password, etc) to be shared by the collaborating organizations (in case any one person should be "hit by a bus", a password is lost/forgotten, etc)
- All documents will be kept in common file formats (tiff, psd, jpg, png, sql, plain txt, etc).
- Metadata will be in common standards as much as possible (e.g. Dublin Core), with extensions documented.  Furthermore,
. the metadata will reside in the shared archive, available to the collaborators.
. any new tools will be made freely available to the collaborators, and remain the sole ownership and responsibility of the developer.
- Current thoughts on ways to organize and present the content:
- These articles and any accounting will be posted on the AHT website.