Content and search of the web pages

Big note ..
This is a "Chinese menu" of possible ways to organize and search the combined collection.  Not all will be implemented.  And it will be over time.

Formatted content (with filtering options, e.g. a "Tag Cloud" or Checkboxes on the page):
- Geographically (Google map)
E.g. A takeoff of to include Hope Town and more of the Abacos.  If you follow that link, click on the "Tour boatbuilders" checkbox, then click on the "-" on Google's map controls.  A sample --------->
The user could select the subject (e.g. Boat builders (as in this sample), Fishing, Family name/tree, etc) with the relevant images then presented geographically on a map.  Connections between related images (e.g. a family relative) could be shown as an arc between them.

- Family / generations
. E.g. The "T"s like on
  And/or like the tree at the bottom of that page.
. There would be options for the user to filter the view (by surname, date, location, etc), navigate (zoom, drag), and "sticky label" mark persons of interest.  They could then center the view say, bounded by those persons of interest.
. Right-clicking on a person would bring up the detailed information about that person.  Registered currators would have the option to edit the information as well as add persons to the genealogy, etc.

- Timeline

- Event
E.g. MOW Independence Day (say, like

- Subject
E.g. Boat building (say, like

- Potpourri
This page would be self-organizing, based on the user selecting subject area(s) and say, a search string.  Photos would be displayed close to one another based on the "closeness" of their metadata.

- A Really Big Document
For a really big document, there would be a "magnifying glass" that the user could pass over the document using their mouse.  There would be an option to show either the original document as scanned or the restored version.  For text that is difficult to read, the user would have the option to overlay a transcription layer.

- "Help us document these images" page
This would be a page displaying images that AHT doesn't have much information on.  There would be a means (web "forms") for the viewer to add captions, dates, tags, etc.  With the ability for the user to pinpoint say, a person or object on the image.  The user would have to be registered in order to make edits (to avoid grafitti).

Search function:
- Google assisted (using Google's "site:" option)
The user enters a search string such as "boat building abacos".  The results would consist of a thumbnail of the image and the "hit" text from the AHT caption and other metadata (ie. standard Google output).

- Conceptual Map
For the most adventuresome user. 

Watermark / Link to collaborator:
- For photos prepared by AHT, a watermark (of the collaborators design) can be added to each photo.
- There can also be a link (via a button) shown say over one corner of the image, back to the contributing collaborator for that image.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Traffic Counts:
- We will do the standard things to create high ranking in search results.
- Also, we will count and report web traffic to the pages.
- The ranking and traffic reports will be posted on the AHT website.