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If you have a recent MacBook ...
1.Download the app
2.Install by double clicking on the .dmg file & then dragging BatteryMonitor.app to your Applications folder.
3.Launch it by double clicking on it.
4.Submit your reports and suggestions ( File > Submit a   report... ).  If you mark the submission "Public", it will be shown here in the Reports and Aggregate Plots folders.
5.If you find this useful, interesting, or otherwise amusing, please make a donation:

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22 Nov 2010
This project is now dead, after I recently came across a very similar tool called MiniBatteryLogger   Below is the rough outline of my "Welcome" page.  The "Reports" folder should work, retrieving submissions from my MySQL database.  The "Accumulated Plots" folder is just a rough first pass to try out the Google Chart API.  Now, on to the next project :-)

This is a Battery Monitor for Apple MacBooks running a recent version of Mac OS X.  It has only been tested on 10.6, but may work on other versions. 

Here is my 1 minute "elevator pitch" on the app:

Following are more details on the user interface and features.

Here is a sample of the one-minute data, showing the
One Minute Samples
(Click on image to enlarge)
   Full charge capacity (mAh)
   Charge remaining (mAh)
   Amperage (mA)
   Voltage (V)
   Charge Status:
       Green: fully charged
       Blue: discharging
       Red: charging
   AC connected:
       Red: yes
       White: no
   Battery Condition:
       Green: Normal
       Red: otherwise

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Daily Min/Max/Ave History
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Health Trend
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About This Mac > More...
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To submit a report...
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