My Civics Projects
Man-O-War Cay, 9 Mar 2015
  1. Edwin's Boat Yard website
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    Man-O-War Cay, 2008?
    Something I did for the boat yard.
    A community thing, in that I think of
    the boat yard as my neighborhood.
    (the website needs to be updated)
    [developed website
      w/ input from Edwin's Boat Yard]
  2. MOW Archive
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    Started:  Man-O-War Cay, 2008
    Last updated: Man-O-War Cay, 27 Apr 2013
    A herritage website for Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas.
    Note: I will be revamping this for the MOW Herritage Trust.
    [scanned & restored photos, developed website, organizing
      w/ The MOWHT Trustees and contributions from many]
  3. MOW Map
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    Man-O-War Cay, 2012?
    A map of Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas.
    Here is a little intro to MOW boatbuilders from the '40s, '50s and '60s.
    [scanned & restored photos, developed web page]
  4. 2013 Sojer Day
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    [helped organize w/ Carmon]
      w/ photos contributed by many]
    Man-O-War Cay, 2013
    The Man-O-War Cay herritage day, held every other year.
  5. The photos in the MOW
    Most are 2' x 3'. The one of the waterfront
    (top left) from the 40's is 5' wide.
    Administrative Center
    Man-O-War Cay, Spring 2014
    [restored & prepared the photos for large printing, made frames,
      helped install w/ Bill & Jeremy]
  6. Abaco Herritage Trust
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    Man-O-War Cay, 8 Feb 2015
    To preserve, catalog and share old photos from the Abacos.
    The app shown to the right (a work in progress) is intended to enable "citizen curators".  That is, to make it easy for anybody to sort through the collection and when they find one they are interested in, they will be able to (by voice recording, forms, tags) annotate the photo - "That is Uncle Harry. He was a fisherman. There was the time he ..."
    [scanning & restoring photos, developing the app & website, organizing
      w/ Debbie ("Dp") Patterson
      a collaboration of The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum, The Man-O-War Heritage Trust and The Technology Bank]
  7. MOW Boat Builders Memorial
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    Man-O-War Cay, 27 Feb 2015
    A bronze plaque commemorating Man-O-War Cay boat builders. To be located on the harbour waterfront next to the MOW Junior Sailors bulletin board.
    Initial version ------>
    Upon reviewing it with
    Click on an image to enlarge it
    Pete Johnston of Johnston Art Foundry, it turns out that that initial version would be difficult to cast.
    Here is version 2 ---------->
    It would be split into 3 castings and mounted with a little space between them.
    Pete suggested that the map, due to it's detail, be cast as a "negative".  The two plaques with all the text would be the normal raised-text positives.  This should be a nice result - making the overall display more distinctive.
    Start of a full-size mockup.
    The final construction would use good quality material (the same as they use in the Albury Brothers Boats) - ie. built as if it were a boat.  Willard would supervise the construction.
    Now further along.  The yellow part is construction paper thumb-tacked to the plywood.  The yellow part (which would be colored tan and textured like sailcloth) is shaped like a sail.  The brown cylinders would represent a mast and boom.  At the bottom would be the lead keel from the Man-O-War built by Edwin Albury in the 70's.
    For public review at
    the Flea Market
    Also taken at the Flea Market, then photoshopped into the spot where it would be permanently located.
    Larnaca, 23 Jun 2015
    Here are the current proofs (close to final version):
    Pete said he'll sculpt the dinghies into the plaque (not the flat renderings as I've shown here).
    Gainesville, 17 Sep 2015
    Here is an animation of one of the possible designs for the frame to hold the plaques.  Here the keel from the Man-O-War sailboat (built in the 1970's by Edwin Albury) is shown lying flat at the base.
    Gainesville, 18 Sep 2015
    Here is another possible design.  In this one, the keel from the Man-O-War is upright.  This also raises the plaques a little, making them easier to read.
    Gainesville, 21 Sep 2015
    This version is based on a stone and masonry foundation.
    There are also short seats on either side of the plaques.  The seats should help make the 12' keel look less gangly.  The seats have a rounded corner to make it easier for a person to swing around next to the plaques (the green person seated here).
    Either or both seats can be replaced with a display consisting of plexiglass cubes containing models or dioramas (here, the three boat models shown to the left of the plaques).  These displays would probably be on display for just a few days at special events - Sojer Day, Flea Market Day and the holidays. 
      w/ Jeremy and the contributions of Ms Patricia and Mr Roland]
  8. Video/slideshow

    The photo of the TV is from Samsung for the 22" model
    we're ordering.  The photos and videos will be from the archive.
    display for the MOW Administration Building (work in progress)
    Man-O-War Cay, 8 Feb 2015
    A video server (running on a Raspberry Pi) will display old videos and photos, the current Hope Town Council calendar, public notices, etc. on a new 22" TV we will mount on the wall.
    The TV we are ordering looks to have a nice thin bezel, is just 1.7" thick, and the wall mount we're ordering adds just 1.6".  So it should look fairly nice up on the wall.
    I will develop a small push-button control panel (mounted on the wall below the TV) for people to physically select from a menu of offerings and adjust the volume.
    Future: I also plan to create a web interface (with the web page served up from the web server running on the Pi) for remote control from the viewer's phone or tablet.  The control page presented on the viewer's phone/tablet will look the same as the physical panel, optimized to the small screen.  They will also have the option to display their selection on the TV or their device in parallel with others possibly watching other content on the TV.
    [designing, implementing w/ Jeremy]
  9. MOW and Hope Town District Videos
    Man-O-War Cay, 2011, 2015
    Minor editing, then upload to either Youtube or Vimeo.
    [some videoing, some editing, then upload]
  10. Hope Town District Council Website
    Click on image to visit the site
    Man-O-War Cay, 9 Mar 2015
    The changeable content is stored in Google Drive as PDF documents, which are embedded in the more static structure.  So, the owners (the Hope Town Council) can easily update that dynamic content without having to muck with the website proper.  And I'm not in the loop to update that dynamic content.
    [developed website, map stuff]
  11. ...