Installing Eclipse with PHP support
Last updated: Cuenca, 8 Dec 2008
To setup a local PHP development environment:
   1. Download the PDT Eclipse package and LPG package.  For the LPG 
      package, I suggest downloading the current PDT package and 
      looking in the <eclipse_install_dir>\eclipse\readme\ directory for the DTP
      readme file.  Mine was named: DTP-README.txt. It should contain
      (the current) directions for finding and installing the LPG
      The versions I used were: 
   2. a. Unzip the Eclipse zip file to wherever you want to keep it.
      b. Then find and install the LPG package (per the instructions
         in your <eclipse_install_dir>\eclipse\readme\DTP-README.txt file).
      c. Double-click on your <eclipse_install_dir>\eclipse\eclipse.exe
         - On starting up, specify a workspace location.
         - Go to the workbench (the button all the way over on the 
           right of the Eclipse startup page).    
         - To create a PHP Project for your website (I'm going to use
           mine for this example, svbreakaway): 
           . File | New | Other | PHP | PHP Project
           . Project name: svbreakaway
           . which should create a project by that name:
           . Right-click on the project name, then
               Import | General | File System | Next >
           . For From directory, navigate to your website's 
             directory in the Apache htdocs directory.  E.g.
                       C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\svbreakaway
             This should populate the 2 panels with a list of the 
             contents of the directory.  
           . Click on Select All which should flip on all the 
           . Click on Finish.
           . This should populate the list under the project name:
           . To tell Eclipse about the Apache server,
               File | New | Server | Server | Next >
             On the next page (Define a New Server),
               Server name: localhost
               Basic | HTTP Server 
             And on the next page (HTTP Server),
               Name: HTTP Server
               Publishing directory: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\svbreakaway   
           . Right-click on the project name, then
               Run as | Open Run Dialog
             Then on the next page (Create, manage, and run
               PHP Web Page
             and click Run.
           . This opens an Eclipse Browser view of the website: