In case you're thinking about visiting...
Last updated: Cuenca, 4 Jan 2009
Abacos (I'll be there mid-Feb to April or May)
  mid-Feb?  Man-O-War Cay  Craft & Trade Fair
mid-March  Hopetown  dinghy series
May 1-3  Green Turtle Cay  Island Roots Herritage Festival

Pamlico Sound (I plan to be there through the 2009 hurricane season, June to October.  Then probably down the Intracoastal Waterway and back over to the Bahamas towards the end of October)
  Belhaven, Ocracoke, Oriental, Washington

Cartagena (I'm thinking about bringing the boat there at the end of the year and may be there
for a while.. a few months, at least)
  Background: NYT Article, USA Today Article
Club Nautico

(a kmz file for the above)