MOW Boat Builders' Memorial - Accounting
Last updated: 4/3/19
Man-O-War Cay
Boat Builders' Memorial
If you would like to donate to the project, please contact
  Jeremy Sweeting at or
  Mailin Sands at
When Amount From For
10/6/15 $5,000.00 Ministry of Tourism The commitment that Jeremy secured last Sojer Day.
Nov 2015 $300.00 Jock aboard ANNIE Donation
2/20/16 $361.00
- 36.00
MOW Flea Market Day Donations and sales from donations. Thank you Hamilton aboard Sarah G for donating the dinghy and to Doug for buying her. Note, a total of $361 was received and $36 of that was given to the school.
3/5/16 $250.00 Edmund aboard Panope Donation
5/5/16 $50.00 Dan & Debbie aboard Glorious Donation
2/18/17 $229.00
- 23.00
MOW Flea Market Day Donations. Thank you Stuart&Julie and Scott for your generous donations. Note, a total of $229 was received and $23 of that was given to the school.
2/21/17 $100.00
- 10.00
Fannie Donation. Note, $100 was received, $10 was given to the school.
2/21/17 $50.00
- 5.00
Hylan BoatbuildersDonation. Note, $50 was received, $5 was given to the school.
3/1/17 $192.43 Mailin & Grant Donation
3/21/17 $100.00
- 0.90
Totch Hartge Donation in the name of Charles "Skipper" Robinson and Tuppy Robinson and all of their families. (the 90¢ was bank fees)
3/24/17 $50.00 Don Manley aboard Mi Casa Donation
3/24/17 $200.00 Tommy Albury Donation
3/27/17 $40.00 Annie Donation
Subtotal $6,847.53
4/1/17 $550.00 Boat Builders' Memorial Day Donation boxes
$200.00 Donation. Thank you MOWY.
$1,201.00 Food and t-shirt sales. Note, this is after expenses, with approx 40 t-shirts still to sell.
4/4/17 $50.00 Pete & Rebekah Donation
4/6/17 $100.00 Doug aboard Naughty Gypsy Dinghy donated by Doug and bought by Kathy aboard Babe. Note that this is a second donation from Doug. Thank you Doug.
4/26/17 $100.00 Kate Davies Donation
May 17 $1,500.00 District Council Donation
7/9/18 $50.00 Dedication of the medallions Donation box
Total Received$10,598.53
Owed to this project
As of Who For Amount
May 2017MOW Museum (*)Food $ xxx.xx
  (*) The Museum has apparently decided they don't need to pay this bill. Typical for them. [ed]
When AmountTo For
10/6/15 $500.00Pete Johnston Retainer for medallions.
12/30/15$2,378.88Eagle Sign & Design1st half down payment to start production of plaques.
$77.77The bank Costs for this bank check.
Feb 2016$2509.81Eagle Sign & DesignBalance due for the plaques w/ shipping to FL.
$76.34The bank Cost for this bank check.
$49.00FedEx Cost to send it to Eagle Sign.
2/28/17 $192.43The Abaconian 1/4 page ad in the Feb 1st issue.
3/15/17 $314.98The Abaconian 1/2 page ad in the Mar 15th issue.
Subtotal $6,099.21
4/1/17 $0.00Donated The soda pop in the glass bottles
$0.00Donated The soda and water sold with the food.
$  -.-- The food and t-shirt sales are shown as a net amount in the Received column
4/2/17 $337.50Abaco Imaging Programs
4/4/17 $125.20Cake makers 3 cakes
May 2017$1,500.00Eagle Sign & DesignDownpayment for medallions
May 2017$2,021.00 Final payment for medallions
Apr 2018 $75.00HT District Council Permit
Jan 2019 $220.00To Jan Flowers around the memorial
Total Spent $10,377.91
HUGE Thank You's to
  • Jan, Jay, Chad, Blake and the rest at Edwin's Boat Yard for their support.
  • Scott and Ray and The Duke for their support.
  • Willard, Chad, Blake, David W, Grant A, Bob aboard Neesa, and John aboard Faith for their much appreciated help.
  • Hartley for making the benches.
  • Walter and the MOW Hardware Store for their support.
  • Matt King and Eagle Sign & Design have been very good to us.  Highly recommended.  Contact me (Mike) if you want details.
    Materials for the construction have been donated.
  1. Posts to guard the benches from road traffic (done early 2017, replaced with posts for roof early 2018)
  2. Thatched roof (done early 2018)
  3. Medallions (installed and dedicated July 2018)
  4. Bougainvilleas (2018)
  5. 'Thanks goes to' plaque (early 2019)
  6. Flag pole (early 2019)
  1. Plexiglass cubes (next year?)
  2. A couple more medallions, say periodically (?)
Received so far $10,598.53
Spent so far  - 10,377.91
Balance (Received - Spent)
Not counting further t-shirt sales and money owed to this project
   $  220.62