MOW Boat Builders' Memorial - Credits
Last updated: 4/3/19
Man-O-War Cay
Boat Builders' Memorial
If you would like to donate to the project, please contact
  Jeremy Sweeting at or
  Mailin Sands at
The memorial was dedicated on April 1st, 2017 by the people of Man-O-War Cay
As unveiled by Andy, Blake, Jan, Joe, Marsha, Scott and Willard
With Scott Weatherford, Master of Ceremony
And Jeremy T. Sweeting and the Hon. Obediah H. Wilchcombe presiding
Update ...
The medallions were unveiled on July 9th, 2018 by the people of Man-O-War Cay
With Jeremy Sweeting, Master of Ceremony

Thanks goes to
Andy, Blake, Don, Earl, Glenn, Harcourt, Hartley, Hilland, Jamie, Jan, Jay M, Joe, Keith, Lance, Marsha, Maurizio, Neville, Paul, Ralph, Reddith, Roland, Scott, Tony, Warren and Willard
for providing the information shown on the plaques.
Special thanks goes to
  • Jan, Jay and Edwin's Boat Yard for hosting this site, for the loan of the keel and for their overall support.
  • Hartley for making these fine benches.
  • Eagle Sign & Design for the exquisite plaques including the medallions. They have been very good to us.
  • Scott, Ray, Jay M and The Duke for their support.
  • Walter and the MOW Hardware Store for their support.
  • Willard, David W, Chad in moving the keel.  As well as Walter and the MOW Hardware Store for use of the forklift.
  • Willard, Chad, Blake, Grant A, Andy, Bob aboard Neesa and John aboard Faith for their much appreciated help in the construction.
  • For the roof: Mr Neville & Grant A (initial consultation); Chad & "Maxo" (in setting the posts); Hartley, Roland, Rich aboard Knot Tied, Mike aboard Precocious (the framing); Tommy, Hartley, Blake (thatch); Rinky (thatching).  Also the MOW Hardware Store and Edwin's Boat Yard for their support.
  • For the medallions: Chad (helping mount them), Andy (for his suggestion to use non-glare plexiglass), Pete (for carrying the special resin), Edwin's Boat Yard for their support.
  • For the flagpole: Chad, Blake, Hartley, Joe, Rich aboard Knot Tied, Nicholas, MOW Hardware Store and Edwin's Boat Yard.  Also, Jay Manni for having suggested it and David Wright for having loaned the old mast to this project.

With grateful appreciation to
The Ministry of Tourism, Hope Town District Council, Annie, Dan & Debbie aboard Glorious, Don aboard Mi Casa, Doug aboard Naughty Gypsy, Doug of Hylan Boatbuilders, Edmund aboard Panope, Fannie, Hamilton aboard Sarah G, Jock aboard Annie, Mailin & Grant, MOWY, Tommy, Totch and the many anonymous contributors
for their donations.
Design by
Roland and Mike
In particular, Roland is responsible for the underlying theme - that there were many one and two-man yards building dinghies (and large boats) lining the harbour back in the day.  Hopefully the content and design convey this.  Along with several other threads:
  • the industriousness of these guys (and their spouses and families, of course)
  • the passing of the skills and tradition from one generation to the next to the next
  • the passage of time

In addition, there have been many, many suggestions from numerous people that have been incorporated into the design. 

The organizing committee for the dedication ceremonies:
Jan, Mailin, Neil A, Jeremy, Rich M, Mike

Please note that this project is not and has never been affiliated with the MOW Museum.
I[Mike] find it disturbing that they have implied an ownership of this project. And then
solicited donations for themselves - all based on other peoples efforts.
Meanwhile, they owe this project money for goods they bought from it. Goods that
were paid for by the many small donations we had received for the memorial.