MOW Boat Builders' Memorial - Flagpole
Last updated: 4/3/19
Dressed out
It is from the top of the main mast and the top mast of the old rig from the William H Albury.
This is the truck at the top of the flagpole from which the flag halyard (the rope you see on the right) is hung. It was made by Hartley out of Madeira for us. Thank you, Hartley.
What really makes this project stand out is the expert paint job by Edwin's Boat Yard. This is Awlgrip which should hold up for a good long while.
This is an exquisite bit of stainless steel used to hold the mast in the 3x8s (that are sunk into concrete). They allow the flagpole to be lowered fairly easily. It was suggested by and executed by Chad with his dad, Mr Blake. Thanks Chad. Please see the backside of the display for some nice stainless steel welding by CJ Welding.
Some fancy knot work by Rich M on Knot Tied. Thanks Rich.
Credit goes to Jay Manni for suggesting using the Wm H's old mast for a flagpole. And of course, it would not have been possible without David Wright having rescued the Wm H from Jamaica.
Thanks goes to Chad, Blake, Maxo and Edwin's Boat Yard, Hartley, Joe, Nicholas and Rich aboard Knot Tied.