MOW Boat Builders' Memorial - Design
Last updated: 4/3/19
Man-O-War Cay
Boat Builders' Memorial
If you would like to donate to the project, please contact
  Jeremy Sweeting at or
  Mailin Sands at
1/29/17 The current plan for the dedication ceremony is at:
1/5/17 A committee has been formed to organize the dedication ceremony.  You can contact them at: Jeremy (, Mailin (, Mike (, Neil (
2/20/16 The mockup was displayed at the edge of the harbour on Flea Market Day, 2016.  Between donations and sale of donated items, we received $361.  $36 (10%) of that was given to the school.  $325 goes toward the memorial.
2/18/16 The plaques were finished and shipped to storage in Florida, awaiting shipment to MOW. Thank you Eagle Sign & Design for being so professional with us.  They look VERY nice.
1/12/16 The plaques have gone into production, scheduled to be finished in 6 to 8 weeks.
4/1/17 Today is the dedication.
4/27/18 Framing of the roof is done. Credits.
3/30/19 The flagpole is done and has been raised. Credits have been updated.
Contact info
Jeremyjeremy.htcouncil@gmail.comTo make a donation to this project.
Mike Please contact me with your suggestions - for the memorial, for the future dedication ceremony or for this webpage.
Thanks goes to the following for the content of these plaques - the names, dates, locations:
Ms Patricia Albury and Mr Roland Albury
Andy, Blake, Don, Earl, Glenn, Harcourt, Hartley, Hilland, Jamie, Jan, Jay M, Joe, Keith, Lance, Maurizio, Marsha, Nevile, Paul, Ralph, Reddith, Roland, Scott, Tony, Warren, Willard
Elements of the design
The plaques are 17.5" x 31.5" in solid bronze.  Eagle Sign & Design did a great job.  We highly recommend them.
The left one is a general introduction.  The locations of the different boat yards are shown on the middle plaque.  On the right plaque are the names of the boat builders with dates and locations.

The frame holding the plaques and medallions is to be constructed using masonry, covered with a smoothing finish and finally a couple coats of Awlgrip.  This should result in a good looking, durable and easily maintained finish.  Solar-powered LED lights will be located over each plaque.

Around the plaques, we plan to display 6" round medallions with likenesses of the boat builders listed on the plaques.  These would be like the Man-O-War Wall of Heroes where a couple more would be added on special occasions.  The initial set are:
The benches will add a nice accent to the memorial.  With the memorial located where it is, the visitor will have a view of the harbour as they take in the history.

Man-O-War Keel
The keel from the Man-O-War (built by Edwin Albury and Edwin's Boat Yard in the '70s) will serve as the base of the memorial.

Thatched roof
For shade, we plan to construct a thatched roof over the memorial.  We would like to do this reminiscent of the old boat building sheds, using local materials.  This would be a future addition.

This is constructed from the old rig from the William H Albury.  It is the top of the main mast with the top mast attached.  The effect is that the viewer is suspended 30 or 40 feet above the deck.  See the Flagpole tab.

Display Cubes
We plan to make the left bench (not shown here) removeable so that, on special occassions - Independence Day, Flea Market Day, etc - we can replace that bench with plexiglass cubes.  Inside each cube would be a model of one of the old boats or maybe a diorama of an Abaco Dinghy under construction.  The cubes would be stored inside most of the year to prevent damage from the sun and elements.
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Overall model
So, here is a model of all the elements - the plaques, medallions, Man-O-War keel, benches, and cubes.  The memorial is being installed on Sea Road near the Junior Sailors display.
(This takes a while to load but then runs in a loop. Click on image to enlarge)