Smokies Oct 22 - Nov 5 (booked & paid)
Where Dr La Th Date Normal schedule &
current status
Lake Placid FL
DuPont Planetarium 9 1 1 Sa       10/23 Sa, 6,7,8 pm The Bechtel Telescope, a 16" Meade
reflector on the roof, is open after
public shows on Saturday evenings.
Autumn in Abstract 4 1 4 Mo-Th 10/25-28 Booked
Clingmans Dome 2 Th       10/28 Open
GSMIT 2 3 Fr-Mo  10/29-11/1 Booked
The Ralph Buice Jr.
4 3 1 Th        11/4 Th,Fr, 9:00-10:30pm The largest telescope (36" reflector)
in the southeastern US.
Lake Placid FL 9
Date What Workshop Lodging
10/22 Drive 9 hrs, stay near Aiken SC 2 nights of 22nd-23rd in Aiken
10/23 Visit planetarium that evening,
stay near Aiken SC
10/24 Drive 4 hrs, stay near Asheville 1 night of 24th near Asheville
10/25-28 Autumn in Abstract Days of 25th-28th 3 nights of 25th-27th in Laurel Falls
10/28 Stop at Clingmans Dome,
stay in Gatlinburg
1 night of 28th in Gatlinburg
10/29-11/1 GSMIT Days of 29th-1st 3 nights of 29th-31st at GSMIT
11/1-4 Stay in Townsend, 3 more days of
photography on the Middle Prong
3 nights of 1st-3rd in Townsend
11/4 Drive 4 hrs, visit observatory
that evening, stay near Atlanta
1 night of 4th near Atlanta
11/5 Drive 9 hrs back to Lake Placid
Key: Dr = Hours driving to get there.
La = Lay days waiting for start.
Th = Days spent there.
These are showing Open (in season)
These are showing Closed for COVID