SW Observatories Jun 29 - Jul 20 (openings?)
Where Hrs Th Date Normal schedule &
current status
LkPl > PHX 5+ Tu       6/29 Flights 4:50 $275
Lowell Obs. 3 2 We,Th 6/30-7/1 Full opening 4/26 (status) "Where Pluto was discovered"
National Radio
6 1 Sa1     7/3 Self-guided tours daily
Tours 1st & 3rd Sat
The Very Large Array (VLA) is 27
radio telescopes spanning 22 miles.
Roswell NM 3 1 Su       7/4 UFO Tours
Galacticon: 7/2-4
Is the truth out there?
I want to believe.
5 2 Mo,Tu 7/5-6 Tu,Fr,Sa 8:45 & 11pm
Daily live solar viewings
The HET 11m telescope is one of the
world's largest optical telescopes.
Mount Graham
7 2 Fr,Sa   7/9-10 Weekends, mid-May
through Oct
LBT is twice as big as the next-largest
telescope on Earth and has 10 times
the resolution of the Hubble.
Kitt Peak
3 3 Su,Mo,Tu
Nightly except 7/15-9/1
The diagonal structure looking like a
broken-off letter "N" is the McMath-
Pierce Solar Telescope, the largest
solar telescope in the world.
Palomar Obs. 8 1 Th? Closed (status) Historic 200" (5.1m) Hale Telescope
Mount Wilson
4 2 Sa,Su  7/17-18 Self-guided: Daily
Tours: Sa,Su 11:30am,1pm
100" Hooker Telescope where Hubble
did his groundbreaking work in the
20's. (click here for background)
Star parties: Once a month
All Space Considered:
      Fr1 7:30-9pm (status)
Over 7 million people have viewed
through their 12-inch Zeiss refractor.
Phoenix AZ 3 1 We       7/14
> MCO > LkPl 5+ Th        7/15
Key: Hrs = Hours flying/driving to get there.
Th = Days spent there.
Sa1 = First Saturday of the month.
These are showing Open (in season)
These are showing Closed for COVID
Showing Closed for COVID but also not on my list
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