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Saylorsburg, 11 Sep 2010
I just got a new Canon T2i.  One of the new features (first time on an EOS body) is the "Movie Crop" mode.  Here is the description from Canon's T2i press release:
  Another feature debuting in the Rebel T2i is Canon's new Movie Crop mode, where the user can achieve 7x magnification when shooting SD [640x480] video for a significantly increased "telephoto" effect. Unlike the digital zoom feature found in many compact digital cameras, Canon's new Movie Crop mode actually crops the image directly from the CMOS sensor at full SD resolution to preserve maximum image quality and provide additional zoom power.  

Here is a depiction of what I believe is going on:
Below is a quick test of the Movie Crop mode using the Canon 180mm f/3.5L Macro lens.  This was also using the T2i builtin mic.  Please see my note above about selecting 720p mode.  BTW, I managed to get in the video (the reflection in the frog's eye :-).

Saylorsburg, 21 Sep 2010
I've been wanting to get a couple lenses - a wide-angle lens and a Lensbaby.  Here is my review of some wide-angle lens tests I found on  After mulling it over a while, I bought the Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 - mainly I think because of what I hope is better piece-by-piece-off-the-production-line quality control and (based on this article) it appearing that the initial design/production bugs having been well worked out by now.  I also bought the simpler Lensbaby - the Muse with the double glass optic.
Here is a look at the sweet spots (that is, the f stops with the maximum image resolution) for the lenses that I currently own.  Again, I'm using the lens test data from
And here are some photos from the T2i, mainly with the Lensbaby (truely an addicting lens, just as I'd read) and the Canon 10-22mm.
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