Last updated: Cuenca, 22 Dec 2008(click on an image to enlarge)

Street view from the apartment.
It's about half a block to the plaza.

This is the view upon entering the apartment. Pretty cool, huh?

View of the cathedral from the apartment window (on a cloudy day).

Another view from the apartment. The plaza is towards the back on the left (where you see the big pine trees).

Looking into the courtyard of a building across the street.

The front of the cathedral from the plaza.

Another shot.

Two of the cathedral's domes.

A window in the cathedral.

The flower stalls on the other side of the cathedral.




And flowers.

They probably get up very early and work hard.

Some more off to the side.

The monument in the park. His name was Calderon, a hero from their war for independence.

The Christmas tree in the plaza. The cathedral is in the background.

A church around the corner.

Another view. The big lights that they have shining on it change color.

A view of the left tower from the side.

This is a little church across from the flower stalls next to the cathedral.

This is the old cathedral on the plaza.

The streets are all decorated with lights for Christmas.

One of the decorations.

This is the church at Turi, on a little hilltop overlooking Cuenca.

This is the view from
in front of the church.
[To-do: make it so that you can zoom into this photo - there is a lot of detail in the original image]

Cuy (guinea pig). Actually pretty tasty.
Cuenca, Ecuador

A snack at the Christmas Eve festivities.
Cuenca, Ecuador