Otavalo and Quito
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Animal market at sunrise, Otavalo

The larger animals (mostly cows)

The smaller animals (pigs,
sheep, goats, poultry)

Plaza Grande - the main
plaza in Old Town, Quito

On Plaza Grande, Quito

Plaza San Francisco, Quito

Iglesia de La Compañía, Quito

You're not allowed to take photos inside the church, but can take
them from the door

Kind of a cool pattern

Where the Equator was measured
in the 1700's
, Mitad del Mundo

A more accurate location -
a couple hundred yards away.  The guide (as well as the sign) said they used GPS.  So my left foot is in the Northern Hemisphere and my right in the Southern.  Or it could have been the other way. Intiñan Museum (Museo de Sitio Intiñan)

Shrunken head in their little exhibit which was well worth the (small) effort to find it.  Again, it's called the Intiñan Museum (Museo de Sitio Intiñan) and is maybe a hundred yards down the road from the big (over comercialized AND incorrect) exhibit.  Beware, there is another tourist trap on the way (with a name similar to Intiñan) that is not the real deal.  You go past that a little way, then turn left off the main road and walk a little ways down a dirt road until you see the Intiñan Museum on a slight rise at the end of the road.