Lens Sweet Spot
Man-O-War, 6 Feb 2011
I'd like a fairly graphic summary of the lens resolution at different aperature sizes.  Something I can easily carry with me and see at a glance the tradeoff when selecting an aperature size in a given situation (amount of light, control over movement and DOF for that shot).
Here is some analysis of the "MTF (resolution)" data for a lenses that I currently own.  It is based on the test reports found on photozone.de.  It includes the following lenses:
    Man-O-War, 7 Jul 2012
I've started on an interactive tool to compare the lens data from photozone.de.  The tool is very rough yet, but can be found here.

Canon Reference photozone.de Test Data
Lens Body Used
Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 50D (15MP)
Canon 24-105mm f4L 50D (15MP)
Canon 50mm f/1.4 50D (15MP)
Canon 85mm f/1.8 50D (15MP)
Canon 180mm f/3.5L 350D (8MP)

This list is obviously not the same as your collection of lenses.  But hopefully you can use the graphs below as "food for thought" in constructing a quick reference for your collection.
Key to the data in the charts below:
E.g. C10-22/15MP/10/C = Canon 10-22mm lens tested on a 50D (15MP) body at
10mm focal length, center of the image
   [Manufacturer] [Lens-focal-length] / [m]MP / [nn] / [a]
  • [Manufacturer] = C for Canon
  • [Lens-focal-length] is the lens's focal length range, e.g. "10-22"
  • [m] is the MP of the camera used in the test, 8MP was a Canon 350D and 15MP was a Canon 50D
  • [nn] is the focal length setting for that set of data points
  • [a] = C for Center, B for Border, or EB for Extreme Border
LW/PH = line widths per picture height "which can be taken as a quantity for sharpness"
Aperture = the range of aperture settings for that set of data points