s/v Breakaway
Máncora, 22 Nov 2008
My sailboat, Breakaway, is a 1987 cutter-rigged Crealock 34 built by Pacific Seacraft.  I am the 3rd owner.  She was named Breakaway by the previous two owners.  When I bought her I was looking to "breakaway for a while" so the name fit and I kept it.
Here is some analysis comparing the Crealock 34 and Crealock 37 with various "ideal" designs.  It is based on the excellent database and spreadsheet from johnsboatstuff.com [24Aug2012: John Holtrop's site is apparently gone. I've changed that link to point to the web.archive.org cached copy.]
I don't have any good photos of Breakaway handy but here are some photos and plans from the manufacturer's PSC34 literature..
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