My 3D Projects
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  1. VR
  2. Laser mount
Gainesville, 17 Oct 2015
To the right is a 3D model
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that I made in OpenSCAD.  I'd like to render it in:
   (1) a 3D print
   (2) using a VR headset

  Laser mount
Gainesville, 13 Dec 2015
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like to attach this 3.8W Diode Laser engraver/cutter to my Ultimaker 2 printer (UM2).  I will do this by replacing the existing filament extruder mount with a custom mount holding the laser assembly.
The fit around the existing extruder mount is surprisingly tight.  Ultimaker has, no doubt, done this to make the printer's footprint as small as possible relative to the build volume.  To the right is a diagram of the new laser mount (yellow) that I designed using OpenSCAD and printed on the UM2.  It uses the existing 30mm fans (green) from the UM2.  The aluminum mount and laser diode (silver and red) are from J Tech Photonics.  Four sets of spacers, #6 FH screws, washers and nuts attach JTech's aluminum mount to my printed piece.
Here is the current version of the OpenSCAD source code for this part - still a work in progress.  I'll put it up on Thingiverse when I feel it's done cooking.

I am especially interested in laser engraving on anodized aluminum as shown in the video on the left.  Also, cutting acrylic (aka Plexiglass) as shown on the right.