David, 9 Aug 2013
I feel like I need a more permanent homebase.  I've been drifting about (literally) since retiring - cripes, 6 years ago.  On this trip, I plan to spend some time looking around the western side of Panama, possibly venturing into southern Costa Rica.  The goal is to find an acre or so to start settling down, but not be rushed in picking a spot.
Places where I have stayed at least one night on this trip
David, 9 Aug 2013
Here is a view of the plaza across the street from the hotel in David.  David is the
2nd largest city in
Panama.  It has
          very much a "working class"
        feel - situated in the middle of an agricultural
    area.  I see very few gringos around.  I think that gringos quickly
spoil an area, attracting petty theft or worse (map) and generally messing things up.
Pros: Reasonably priced rooms ($23/night) with good A/C.  Hardly any gringos around.  A great little cafeteria restaurant next door with very good meals for $4 ($5 with coffee and a dessert).  That's with the 25% pensionado discount (without me asking).
Cons: No wifi in the room (but OK in the lobby).  I haven't found a nice little coffee place or good bakery yet.

Nueva Gorgona, 20 Aug 2013
A view from the apartment I'm taking for a month or two.  1BR, furnished, about an hour from Panama City.
Pros: Reasonably priced ($600/month) with very good A/C & WiFi.  Hardly any gringos around.  50 yds from the beach.  Very quiet.
Cons: I'd like something close to the center of a little town - a plaza, bakery/coffee shop, etc.  I feel like Goldilocks.. this porridge is too hot.. this porridge is too cold :-).

Man-O-War, 1 Nov 2013
Well, I got a little homesick for Man-O-War and my projects there.  So, I headed back a little earlier than planned.  As Lisa in the boat yard said on my returning, "There's no place like home" :-)

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