My Trips
Last updated: Lake Placid, July 2019
Ecuador and Peru
Sept 2008 - Feb 2009 (5½ months)
Flew from the Bahamas to Quito, Ecuador / bussed to Tarapoto, Peru / cargo riverboat to Iquitos on the Amazon River / cargo riverboat to Pucalpa / bussed via Miraflores, Huaraz, Chachapoyas, Mancora, and the coast back to Quito / flew back to the Bahamas.
Man-O-War to Manasquan
May 22 - 28, 2009 (6 days)
Crewed on Baltic Breeze from Man-O-War Cay to Manasquan Inlet.
Bolivia, Argentina, Chile
Aug - Nov, 2009 (3 months)
Flew from the Bahamas to La Paz, Bolivia / bussed via Salar de Uyuni, Cafayate, Mendoza, Santiago, Valparaíso to Chiloé / took bus and train back to Santiago / flew back to the Bahamas.
Spain, Corsica, France, Tunisia, Italy
May & June, 2012 (2 months)
Flew from the Bahamas to Barcelona / sailed to Corsica / returned via France to Spain / flew to Tunisia / sailed to Sicily / travelled around Sicily a bit / flew back to the Bahamas.
Italy, Malta, Greece, Albania, Turkey
May & June, 2013 (2 months)
Map from Edmund's Blue Water Sailing article about the trip
Flew from the Bahamas to Naples / ferried to Sicily / flew to Malta / sailed to Sicily, Greece, up to Albania, then down the Ionian Islands and Peloponese to Crete / ferried to Turkey / took train and ferry up to Istanbul / flew back to the Bahamas (tired).
Aug 2013 - Oct 2013 (3 months)
Flew from the Bahamas to Panama City / bussed to the city of David / bussed to Nueva Gorgona / returned to Panama City and the Bahamas.
Feb 2014 (1 month)
Flew from the Bahamas to Jamaica / sailed from Montego Bay to Port Antonio / flew back to the Bahamas.  I had to leave before the big push (getting her back to Man-O-War).  The Facebook page from the trip. 
Greece, Turkey, Cyprus
May 2014 - Jul 2014 (2 months)
Flew from the Bahamas to Rhodes, Greece / sailed to Turkey / travelled (mostly by train) around Turkey / flew back to the Bahamas.
Turkey, Cyprus, Ecuador, Peru
Apr 2015 - Oct 2015 (6 months planned)
The plan is to fly from the Bahamas to Florida / take a (cheap) cruise ship to Barcelona / fly to Turkey / sail along the Turkish coast, make the passage to Cyprus / fly to Cuenca, Ecuador / bus to Coca / boat down the Rio Napo to the Amazon, down the Amazon to Colombia and Brazil, back up to Iquitos / fly back to the Bahamas.
Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Key West, St Petersburg
Map from Edmund's SAIL Magazine article about the trip
Flew from Florida to Puerto Rico / sailed, with stops in the Dominican Republic and Havana, to Key West / sailed to St. Petersburg.
Bahamas, Jamaica
Flew from Florida to Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas / sailed, with stops in Nassau and Eleuthra, to Jamaica / flew back to Florida.
Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia
Flew from Florida to Cyprus / sailed to Turkey / flew to Thailand, then Malaysia / flew back to Florida.
Latin America
These are the cities in Latin America where I've spent at least one night.  It is from several trips there over the past few years - looking for my ideal place to settle.
A page with summaries for a number of places, ordered by Humidity Comfort Levels.